Specialist clinics

Immunodeficiency clinic

Investigation and management of primary (genetic) immunodeficiency and secondary immunodeficiency (caused by another illness or treatment except for HIV).

Joint respiratory clinic

For immunodeficiency patients with significant lung disease, in collaboration with Dr John Hurst, respiratory consultant.

Joint gastroenterology clinic

For immunodeficiency patients with significant gastrointestinal disease, in collaboration with Dr Christos Toumpanakis, gastroenterology consultant.

Chronic Granulomatous Disease clinic

Regular review of adults with Chronic Granulomatous Disease, in collaboration with colleagues from Great Ormond Street.

Bone marrow clinic

Review of patients being considered for bone marrow/stem cell transplant, eg those with severe genetic immunodeficiencies, and long-term follow-up for people who have previously had a transplant (including in childhood). In collaboration with Dr Emma Morris, reader and consultant in haematology.

Complement clinic

For patients with hereditary angioedema and other disorders of complement function. Run by Dr Suranjith Seneviratne.

Young adult clinic

For patients with immunodeficiency transitioning from paediatric to adult care. Run by Dr Siobhan Burns, who is also trained as a paediatrician, clinical nurse specialist Andrew Symes and clinical psychologist Mari Campbell.

Viral skin infection clinic

For patients with recurrent or severe warts, herpes and shingles. In collaboration with virology and infectious diseases.

Psychology clinic

Assessment and management of immunodeficiency patients with psychological morbidity including low mood, general anxiety, specific health anxiety, sleep difficulties and excessive fatigue.

Specialist nurse clinic

Advice regarding commencing immunoglobulin treatment; immunoglobulin home therapy training and review; discussion and co-ordination of departmental research.