Neurological Rehabilitation Centre (NRC)


The Royal Free neurological rehabilitation centre (NRC) at Edgware Community Hospital, provides specialist in-patient, out-patient and community rehabilitation and condition management services for adults with neurological conditions.

Our goal is to provide our neurological patients with efficient and comprehensive neurological rehabilitation that enables them to live as independently as possible. We strive to work in partnership with health, social and voluntary services to provide the most supportive services once patients leave the hospital.

Our neurological rehab team is made up of specialists from many hospital departments, who come together to provide the best care for patients with neurological conditions that need support, such as acquired brain injury, complex stroke, spinal injury and multiple sclerosis.

We aim to work together to support individuals to manage their neurological condition and provide a range of therapy intervention programmes that are tailored to each patient. The length and intensity of intervention varies according to the patients needs - from a single session to a more intensive episode of multi disciplinary intervention over a number of weeks. Sessions take place at home, in the local community or at the Royal Free London neurological rehabilitation centre (NRC).


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  • Edgware Community Hospital

    Royal Free London neurological rehabilitation centre (NRC)
    Edgware Community Hospital
    Burnt Oak Broadway
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    Tel: 020 3758 2465
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Referral details

The community service 

Referrals will be considered for people who:

  • are registered with a Barnet GP* 
  • are 18 years or over
  • have provided consent for referral
  • have a neurological condition – eg multiple sclerosis (MS), motor neurone disease, cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury, ataxia 
  • require assessment and/or therapy intervention
  • require monitoring via the long term conditions (LTC) register
  • we do not see people who have had a stroke or idiopathic parkinson’s disease (unless for vocational Rehabilitation)

We can consider out-of-area referrals in negotiation with local services and local commissioners.

The in-patient service

Referrals will be considered for people who:

  • are 18 years or over
  • have provided consent for referral
  • have a neurological condition, eg multiple sclerosis (MS), traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, peripheral neuropathy or stroke
  • require in-patient rehabilitation
  • have agreed CCG funding.

We are unable to accept patients who require:

  • tracheostomy, respiratory support or nasogastric feeding
  • highly specialist services of a regional (level 1) neurorehabilitation service or spinal injuries centre
  • stroke rehabilitation, unless agreed that the local services are unable to meet the patient’s needs
  • social respite. 

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