Vocational rehabilitation service

The vocational rehabilitation service (VRS) is based within the community neurological conditions management team at the neuro rehab centre.

What is vocational rehabilitation?

Vocational rehabilitation is the process used to overcome the barriers an individual faces when:

  • maintaining work roles
  • returning to work from a period of sick leave
  • seeking new work roles
  • considering medical retirement

Vocational rehabilitation is available to Barnet patients. Funding has also been provided for Enfield, Harrow and Brent patients on an individual basis by the relevant CCG.

How can our service help?

We are a specialist service led by an occupational therapist that offers support to people whose neurological diagnosis impacts on their work roles. This can include:

  • specialist assessments and recommendations in relation to your work activities
  • supporting you to make important decisions about returning to, remaining in and withdrawing from work
  • co-ordination of individual specialist rehabilitation programmes which are designed to educate, support and advise on employment issues
  • support to access relevant vocational support resources, eg access to work, disability employment advisors and voluntary sector organisations
  • work site visits, joint meetings with employers and work recommendation reports.

The service is confidential. No contact will be made with your employer without your consent.

The vocational rehabilitation service may also refer you to healthcare professionals within the community neurological condition management team (CNCMT) or other local community therapy service which may include:

  • physiotherapists
  • occupational therapists
  • clinical neuropsychologist
  • dietician
  • consultant neurologist
  • rehabilitation assistants
  • speech and language therapists
  • multiple sclerosis clinical nurse specialist.

For further information please contact vocational rehabilitation occupational therapist: carinahumphreys@nhs.net or 020 3758 2465