Neuro dieticians

Dietician support with neurological rehabilitation

Providing neurological rehabilitation to Royal Free London patients is complex and involves input from many different specialists across the trust, including neuro physiotherapists and speech therapists.

The diet of our neurology patients is a crucially important part of their rehabilitation. At the Royal Free Hospital we have a specialist team of dieticians who make sure that the dietary needs of our patients are met and that they can eat comfortably. Our team of dieticians also works to ensure our patients’ diets are adapted when they are incapable of chewing, swallowing or digesting certain types of food – due to debilitating conditions like motor neurone disease, stroke and cerebral palsy.

Our specialist dieticians accept referrals for any patient under the care of the stroke, neurology and neurosurgery teams at the Royal Free Hospital. 

Royal Free Hospital patients considered to be appropriate for specialist input from dieticians include the following:

  • Patients on modified diets due to dysphagia or swallowing problems, caused by neurological conditions like cerebral palsy.
  • Patients with debilitating conditions like motor neurone disease who are likely to be unable to meet their nutritional requirements without support.
  • Patients requiring tube feeding through the body.

Dieticians are also available at the Marie Foster Centre in Barnet.

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