SAM pathway

Providing the sub acute management (SAM) pathway to patients

The (SAM) pathway has been designed to improve the intensity and co-ordination of services for people with complex neurological disorders and disabilities, like stroke. The pathway is accessible to appropriate in-patients under the care of our neurology, neurosurgery or stroke teams at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, covering Barnet Hospital, Chase Farm Hospital and the Royal Free Hospital.

What the SAM pathway offers

Patients on the SAM pathway receive an average of 6-8 weeks of intensive, goal-based assessment and treatment in order to improve their independence and assist neurological rehabilitation and discharge. After the SAM pathway, patients continue their neurological rehabilitation at their local hospitals, rehabilitation units, or in the comfort of their own homes when possible.

The Royal Free SAM pathway team

The SAM team works closely with relatives, neurological support teams and other departments or hospitals to improve the management and treatment of our neurological patients and quicken processes like stroke recovery. Where appropriate, we offer advice and training to support the neurological rehabilitation of patients outside of our facilities. The SAM pathway can manage up to six patients at any time, with beds allocated according to clinical need.

The SAM pathway helps patients who:

  • would benefit from a co-ordinated approach involving input from different hospital teams
  • require further in-patient neurological care, or interim treatment at their local hospital
  • have significant cognitive / behavioural issues affecting their ability to live safely outside of the hospital
  • have the potential to go back home after 6-8 weeks’ intervention. 

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