Where will I have my operation?

All our patients are being offered the opportunity to have their surgery at the best hospital for their needs. 

Chase Farm Hospital will be our focal point for elective procedures, freeing up capacity at the Royal Free Hospital for more specialist services, and Barnet Hospital for emergencies.

There are many benefits for patients who attend Chase Farm Hospital. It is one of the most most digitally advanced hospitals in the NHS where activity can be planned and not disrupted by the need to treat emergency patients.

Patients in some specialties may choose to have their elective surgery at Chase Farm, in the most modern healthcare environment, where they can recover in their own single room. They can then have their follow-up outpatient appointments elsewhere, including the Royal Free Hospital, if it is more convenient for them.

However, if patients would still prefer to have their elective surgery at the Royal Free Hospital, then they can choose to do so.