Clinical practice educators

Clinical practice educatorsThe clinical practice education team assess the training needs of nursing staff across the whole of children’s services and design a programme to meet those needs,working closely with staff to deliver that programme.

The vision for children’s services includes a strong clinical practice education team at its heart. The team are key in developing and standardising clinical practice across the department and this is reflected in the recent solidification and expansion of this highly experienced and award-winning team.

Strong clinical practice education for nurses is key to delivering high quality and safe care. Clinical practice educators (CPEs) carry out their role in many different ways. They work alongside newly qualified staff to support them as they adjust to the transition from student to qualified nurse. They also work with more experienced nurses, guiding them in their time management and decision-making when they begin to take charge of their clinical areas.

In addition, CPEs support and train staff in the introduction of new equipment, skills and medicines. They are also involved in nursing groups external to the organisation to bring a higher standard of evidence-based practice back to the clinical areas and services they support. They are experts in their fields and are committed to educating themselves and the staff they support to a high standard.

Children’s services at the Royal Free London respects and understand the role of the CPE and have invested in the development of an experienced team to provide clinical practice education across children’s services. Cared for staff care well for patients and strong clinical practice education is key to this.

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