Visiting the Neonatal Unit

Access to the unit 

We have worked extensively with parents to establish our visiting policy. All visiting is subject to change. 

During the current pandemic, access to the neonatal unit is limited to parents only. We are constantly reviewing this policy. In keeping with the current trust guidance, parents can be with their baby on the unit at any time. We ask you to ensure you wear the appropriate protective equipment when in the hospital building. Our teams will be able to advise you of the latest guidelines and answer any questions you have. 

If you are unwell, please inform the nurse or doctor looking after your baby so that they can advise whether any precautions need be taken. Please telephone first to discuss this. 

For the safety of the babies the neonatal unit has a locked entrance. This means that entry is permitted only to parents once they have identified themselves using the intercom 

system. To enter the unit you should press the buzzer on the left hand side of the entrance and we will let you in. If your call is not answered within a few minutes, ring again, but please be patient as the staff may be busy. 

Infection control 

When entering the neonatal unit: 

Please hang your coat up on the coat pegs. 

Roll up your sleeves to above the elbow and make sure you are bare below the elbow. 

Remove all jewellery from your hands and wrists (wedding bands are allowed). 

We ask you to ensure wear the appropriate protective equipment during your visit. 

Gel your hands. 

When you enter the neonatal nursery wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and then use alcohol gel and allow them to dry. 

When staying with your baby, remember gel-baby-gel as what you should do before and after touching your baby. · Wash your hands after any nappy changes. 

If you remove your hands from inside the incubator and touch the area surrounding your baby, use alcohol gel on your hands again and allow it to dry before touching your baby. 

When leaving your baby and the nursery clean your hands with alcohol gel and allow it to dry. We encourage you to touch and participate in caring for your baby after following the above hand hygiene steps.