The Team

We have a dedicated multi-disciplinary team providing high quality care for premature and sick term babies admitted to Starlight neonatal unit. All of our staff wear visible identity badges telling you who they are and what they do. If you are not sure who someone is, please ask or look at our team board in the waiting area. 


There is a team of consultant neonatologists. They are the most senior doctors on the neonatal unit and have years of experience looking after the smallest and sickest babies. They work with a team of more junior doctors, gaining specialist experience, to provide 24-hour emergency and specialist care.  If you have any questions about your baby’s progress doctors are available on a daily basis. A good opportunity to ask questions is during the daily ward round; you can request a meeting at any time. Speak to the team in the room where your baby is being looked after. 

Nurses and Nursery nurses

The unit matron is the most senior nurse on the unit who supervises a large number of nursing staff who specialise in looking after sick term or premature babies .

The sister in charge oversees the nursing care during each shift, and makes sure that each baby has an allocated nurse who is responsible for their daily care. 

The nurses will care for your baby and help you to look after them. They will monitor your baby closely, administer any necessary medicines and adapt the type of care that is needed depending on your baby’s progress. The nurses will encourage you to be involved in your baby’s daily care, which will increase your confidence in caring for your baby. If you have any questions or concerns, please discuss them with your baby’s allocated nurse. 

Our senior nursery nurses offer parent craft sessions which cover topics such as breastfeeding, baby massage and coping with crying. 

Neonatal community nursing team

Our team of experienced neonatal community nurses supports babies discharged from the Starlight unit who have ongoing medical needs to help ease the transition from hospital to home. After discharge, the neonatal community nurses will maintain contact with parents and may visit families at home.

Occupational therapist:

Our neonatal occupational therapist who supports parental wellbeing and the development of babies and leads on developmental care on the unit. 

Speech and language therapist: supports families in learning feeding cues, development and communication. 

Pharmacist: The pharmacist checks and dispenses medication they will carry out regular ward rounds to ensure the prescribed medication is appropriate for each baby. 

Dieticians: provide advice on milks and nutrition including specialised medical nutrition therapy for patients. 

Psychological support is available to families during their stay provided by a team of psychotherapists[SS1] .

Ophthalmologists are doctors who specialise in the management of eye conditions. They visit the unit once a week. Your baby will be referred to the ophthalmologist for an eye check if necessary. 

Newborn hearing screening team: offers screening to all babies prior to discharge. If your baby is identified as requiring further diagnostic testing, he or she will be referred to the Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital in King’s Cross, London.

Breastfeeding advisors: give advice and support on breastfeeding and expressing milk. You can discuss any concerns you have with both our advisors and nurses. We also have an infant feeding midwife, who can provide advice for mothers on the neonatal unit and the postnatal ward. 

Housekeeper co-ordinates nonclinical services on the unit such as catering, cleaning, supplies and equipment. 

Ward clerk: The ward clerk is based at the front desk on the neonatal unit. Along with organising all of the paperwork on the unit, they will often answer the phones and door buzzer.

Students: On Starlight we take pride in training the next generation of healthcare specialists. We have medical, nursing and midwifery students working with us at various times, as well as students interested in a career in the NHS. All students are supervised at all times. 

 [SS1]Wanted to demonstrate professional support is available