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World class plastic surgery at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

Plastic surgery (also known as reconstructive surgery) is used to repair and reconstruct damaged tissue and skin, to restore normal function or appearance. The term ‘cosmetic surgery’ is often confused with plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery procedures, like so-called ‘nose jobs’, are primarily carried out to achieve a more desirable look for patients, whereas plastic surgery is used to correct existing medical conditions or flaws.

NHS plastic surgery performed by leading plastic surgeons in the UK

The Royal Free Hospital was established as a centre of excellence for plastic and reconstructive surgery in memory of those who died and were maimed in the 7/7 bombings in the capital. Our world-renowned team of plastic surgeons provide innovative plastic surgery techniques to NHS and private patients.

The NHS provides cosmetic surgery only in exceptional cases, but NHS plastic surgery is provided to patients who require reconstruction surgery.

We cover a wide range of procedures, from simple operations like laser wart removal, to pioneering surgeries. We have extensively researched and planned the procedures for full face transplants although we have not carried one out.

Where to find our plastic surgery clinic 

Depending on the required plastic surgery, and individual circumstances, patients are admitted to our plastic surgery clinic as day cases or in-patients but you can usually leave hospital within a short period of time. Our London plastic surgery clinic is in Clinic 4 on the first floor of the Royal Free Hospital. Our adult plastic surgery ward is on the 7th floor of the Royal Free Hospital.

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Do you have an appointment?

Find your ward

  • The Royal Free Hospital

    Pond Street
    NW3 2QG

    Patient enquiries: 020 7443 9757

    GP enquiries: 020 7794 0500 x 36988

  • Mount Vernon Hospital

    Rickmansworth Road 
    HA6 2RN

    Patient enquiries: 01923 844447/01923 844952 (hand therapy unit)


Referral details

To avoid delay GP referrals should be addressed to a plastic consultant surgeon or a named consultant surgeon.

For routine and urgent appointments

GP referrals should be faxed to 020 7830 2195 or sent to the plastic surgery department, lower ground floor, Royal Free Hospital. For any GP target referrals for cancer pathways please direct these to the new referral office on the fax number: 020 7433 2951/020 7433 2950.

Online Plastic Surgery Trauma Referral
Also via online (GPs only via HSCN).

For referrals to the laser service

Your GP will need to refer you to a consultant, who will assess your suitability for laser treatment first. If your condition is suitable to be treated by one of our lasers, you will then be given an appointment for the laser clinic. This can be arranged via Choose and Book or by sending in a referral letter.

Patients should be referred to Mr. N. Kang or Mr. A. Mosahebi: Laser clinic, clinic 14, ground floor, 020 7794 0500 ext 31312.

For referrals to the hand therapy unit:

Referrals from Royal Free Hospital consultants are accepted routinely for post-operative patients. Referrals from Camden GPs are accepted at the Royal Free Hospital and Hillingdon GPs can refer patients to the hand service at Mount Vernon Hospital. Referrals for both adult and paediatric patients are accepted.

Camden GPs can write a referral letter to the hand therapy unit, first floor, Royal Free Hospital. Mount Vernon GPs can write a referral letter to the hand therapy unit, treatment centre, Mount Vernon Hospital.

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