Dressing clinic

Dressing clinic for plastic surgery patients at the Royal Free Hospital

Many plastic surgery patients need help with wound dressing and healing after surgery, as many surgical procedures such as skin grafts and facial reconstruction can involve extensive cutting and stitching of tissues.

The plastic surgery dressing clinic at the Royal Free Hospital is a nurse-led clinic that aims to provide a high standard of specialised post-operative care to patients who help with wound healing after surgery – and after going home from hospital. 

Specialist nurses run the dressing clinic but patients may also see a member of the wider medical team if it’s necessary to improve their post-operative care. As well as checking and dressing wounds, and getting help with the wound healing process in general, it is also a chance to have questions answered and receive advice on post-operative recovery. 

How to make an appointment at the dressing clinic:

Many plastic surgery patients will be scheduled for an appointment in the dressing clinic following discharge, depending on the type of plastic surgery. If appropriate, further appointments will be given to attend the dressing clinic. These will be scheduled depending on your progress.

Our team is also available for advice over the telephone from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. The dressing clinic is situated in Clinic 4 on the first floor of the Royal Free Hospital.

Children are seen separately in the paediatric dressing clinic in Clinic 1 on the first floor of the Royal Free Hospital.