Sleep and ventilation clinics

We hold several sleep and ventilation clinics where we see patients with sleep apnoea and patients who may need NIV at Barnet Hospital and the Royal Free Hospital. The clinic at Barnet Hospital is on Wednesday afternoons in clinic 2, main out-patients, while clinics at the Royal Free Hospital are held on Monday and Tuesday afternoons in clinic 6. For certain groups of patients we will also hold telephone clinics.

Sometimes you will need to make an appointment with a senior member of the specialist sleep and ventilation team for further review, to do so please call telephone 020 7472 6623 or email

What can I expect from my clinic visit?

New patients

You may have already had your sleep study before your clinic, if not this will be organised by the team after you have seen them. A sleep study involves wearing certain equipment overnight to measure your oxygen levels and heart rate. A member of our team will show you how to use the equipment which you will then take home and use overnight, you will need to return the equipment the following day so that information can be looked at by one of our team.

You may also be asked to attend for some breathing tests at the lung function clinic and a blood test to look at your oxygen and carbon dioxide levels.

Once you have had all your tests you will be seen by one of the team to talk about treatment options, usually continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) or a non-invasive ventilator (NIV). Other treatment options may be discussed, such as a mandibular advancement splint (MAS). Once treatment has been agreed you will have a further appointment with a member of the specialist sleep and ventilation team to start treatment. Sometimes we can do this on the same day.

Existing patients

We review patients on CPAP and NIV on a regular basis to ensure the treatment is working. Please make sure you bring your CPAP or NIV device with you to every visit, so that we can check and troubleshoot any issues you may be having. For some patients we will re-do your breathing tests and your ear lobe blood test.

If you have any queries after your clinic appointment, please contact the thoracic department secretaries or a member of the senior sleep and ventilation therapy team.

Cancelling or changing appointments

You can change or cancel a clinic appointment using our online form. If you need to cancel or change an appointment with one of the senior sleep and ventilation team please call 020 7472 6623 or email