General surgery (acute)


The trust provides a broad range of general and complex surgery for our local community as well as for the cancer network within the North Central London sector. We have strong links with Great Ormond Street, University College London, and the Whittington hospitals. We have dedicated consultants who regularly treat specialist conditions and also, in many cases, undertake routine in-patient and day case general surgery procedures, for example, hernia repairs.

The general surgery department provides a full range of elective and emergency services for patients. Surgery for common surgical conditions such as skin lesions, hernias of all types and gallstone disease is provided across the trust. Many of these conditions can be treated by laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery.

In recent years, we have significantly reduced our lengths of stay for surgical admissions as well as increasing the number of procedures performed as day cases, partly through our development of laparoscopic surgery techniques. 

The trust has excellent ICU and HDU facilities to support patients undergoing major surgery. Patients also benefit from the wide range of on-site medical specialties (cardiology, respiratory medicine and endocrinology) necessary for patients with multiple needs.

We are currently establishing a pelvic floor service for patients suffering from incontinence, rectal or gynaecological prolapse or defaecatory difficulty. This is facilitated by a multi-disciplinary team of surgeons, gynaecologists, radiologists, nurse specialist, and physiotherapists.


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  • Barnet Hospital

    Wellhouse Lane 
    EN5 3DJ

    Patient enquiries: 020 8370 2588 (outpatients)
    020 8375 4000 Ext: 2331/1918/2249/2283 (admissions)
    020 8216 4924 (patient advice and liaison service)

    GP enquiries: 020 8216 5446/5453 (GI)
    020 8216 5440 (vascular)

  • Chase Farm Hospital

    The Ridgeway 
    EN2 8JL

    Patient enquiries: 020 8370 2588 (outpatients)
    020 8375 4000 Ext: 2331/1918/2249/2283 (admissions)

    GP enquiries: 020 8375 1981/1910/1912 (GI)
    020 8375 8628 (vascular)

  • Royal Free Hospital

    Pond Street 
    NW3 2QG

    Patient enquiries: 020 7443 9757 (outpatients)
    020 7830 2849/020 7794 0500 Ext: 35768 (admissions)
    020 7472 6446/6447; 020 7472 6445 (24 hour) (patient advice and liaison service)

    GP enquiries: 020 7794 0500 x 38666/34832/33603/31090/33938/33072


Referral details

Emergency patients are referred by the accident and emergency department. Other appointments can be made following a referral from a GP, and may be made through the choose and book system. Tertiary referrals are also available.

2WW colorectal referrals to Barnet Hospital and Chase Farm Hospital can be sent directly to the central appointments office (Fax: 020 8375 1977).

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