Virtual fracture clinic

Virtual fracture clinic and musculoskeletal injuries / fractures


Musculoskeletal injuries and fractures

Many patients who come into an emergency department or urgent care centre with a musculoskeletal injury or fracture can be treated and safely discharged without the need for further review. These patients will be provided with information about their injury (also available below), any rehabilitation exercises required and who to contact if they have any concerns or queries post-discharge.


Virtual fracture clinic

Some more complex injuries will require a review at a virtual fracture clinic. You will be told in urgent care if you have been referred to a virtual fracture clinic and an information leaflet will be provided (also available below). You do not need to attend the hospital for the assessment to take place.

Clinicians will look at your x-rays and medical notes and an orthopaedic physiotherapist or nurse will telephone to discuss your treatment and management. Following the phone call, you may be discharged by phone or if you require further specialist help you will be referred to the most appropriate clinic to meet your needs. If you are not available on the telephone a message will be left where possible.


Patients and their GPs will receive a letter outlining the assessment and outcome.

If you are having difficulty at any stage, please call the team on:

  • Barnet Hospital: 020 8216 4445

  • Royal Free Hospital: 020 7472 6222


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