Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

Members of the IBD team 


Consultant gastroenterologists & speciality doctors: 

  • Dr Charles Murray – Consultant Gastroenterologist, IBD Lead, IBD & Scleroderma  
  • Dr Gamal Erian - Consultant Gastroenterologist, IBD speciliast interest 
  • Dr Nuala O’Shea –  Consultant Gastroenterologist, IBD specialist interest  
  • Dr James Lee – Consultant Gastroenterologist & clinician-scientist at The Francis Crick Institute, IBD specialist  
  • Dr Andrew Rochford – Consultant Gastroenterologist, Nutrition specialist  


IBD Specialist nurses 

The IBD nursing team consists of 3 clinical nurse specialists and administrative support, in form of an IBD secretary and Biologics MDT coordinator. The nurse specialists provide information, advice and support, as well as run nurse-led clinics and a patient access advice line.  

Some specific aspects of the service provided are: 

  • Telephone and email advice line (non-urgent service)  
  • Disease and treatment options 
  • Drug treatments 
  • Pregnancy and IBD 
  • Advice during a flare-up of your disease 
  • Monitoring of patients receiving medications such as immunomodulators (e.g., azathioprine) and biological therapies (e.g., Infliximab).   


Royal Free London gastroenterology patient panel

The Royal Free London (RFL) has collaborated on a film which showcases how patients can have a bigger say in the care being provided to them. 

The short film follows patients with two main forms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis (UC), working alongside clinicians and managers, to help make the experience of receiving care better. 

This is part of the clinical practice group (CPG) work being done at the trust, using the latest clinical evidence to ensure all patients have access to the best and most innovative treatments the NHS can offer, across hospital sites.

A group of patients came together to collaborate with staff in regular meetings to help re-design the way care is provided. Click below to watch the film.