Louise Ryan GI physiology unit

Louise Ryan GI physiology unit

The Louise Ryan GI physiology unit at the Royal Free London is based at the Royal Free Hospital. It is a nurse-led specialist investigation unit which provides a range of gastrointestinal physiology (diagnostic) tests. It is a tertiary referral centre and also has a private practice element.

The Louise Ryan Unit offers a full range of GI physiology tests/interventions using state of the art equipment. Click on the links below to find out more about some of the tests we do:

Oseophageal manometry and 24 hour pH/impedence studies

Bowel motility study


Endo rectal ultrasound

Helicobacter pylori breath test

High resolution anorectal manometry and endoanal ultrasound

Hydrogen breath tests

The lead nurse also runs a biofeedback clinic which offers patients advice and alternative ways to manage bowel problems.