Life with a baby

How does life change after you have a baby? How important are relationships and play to your baby’s development? Can you 'spoil' a baby? How many ways are there to soothe a crying baby? What about routines?

Come to this class to learn all about the early days and weeks with your baby. Birth partners are encouraged to attend however on occasion we may not be able to accommodate them due to limited capacity.

To book please call 020 7794 0500 ext 36169 or email with the information below – we will respond to confirm your place.

  • Your full name and MRN number
  • Your expected date of delivery 
  • Your telephone number

Please inform us if your birth partner will be attending with you

Dates for 2016

The life with a baby class takes place on Sunday's from 9.15-11.15am. The class is followed by the breastfeeding workshop and the hospital tour – both of which can be booked separately.

Life with a baby - Sunday's 9.15-11.15am
10 January 2016 17 April 2016
24 January 2016 1 May 2016
7 February 2016 15 May 2016
21 February 2016 29 May 2016
6 March 2016 12 June 2016
20 March 2016 26 June 2016
3 April 2016